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Without a prayer things can sometimes seem harder, and there are occasionally various disturbances and hindrances in life. How often do you ask yourself why things do not go your way?  Rabbi David Azulai aims to break the barriers and tear up to the heavens themselves, so that G-d might hear your prayers and change your fortune.

Rabbi David Azulai

Rabbi David Azulai:


Rabbi David Azulai, the great-grandson of the illustrious Rabbi Yosef Abraham Azulai, was born in Fez, Morocco in 1958. Rabbi David Azulai is the scion of a family of great “Talmidei Chachamim” (Torah Scholars) and “Ba’alei Mofes” (individuals who have the ability through prayer of performing miracles).  As a youth, Rabbi David Azulai studied under great Sephardi sages such as the Ben Ish Chai and Kabbalist Rabbi Yehuda Elizur. His father, who encouraged him in his studies and recognized his potential for greatness, realized that his son would be given the ability to have his blessings fulfilled. In his early years, Rabbi Azulai spent most of his days studying and learning the Torah, distinguishing himself with remarkable, boundless diligence and his devotion to the service of HaShem.  Along with his tremendous diligence, he grew in his character, yiras Shomayim and humility, and was a paradigm of an outstanding lamdan with extensive knowledge.


In 1981, he embarked on the long and difficult journey to Eretz Hakodesh, in order to pray at the graves of tzaddikim and study in the kabbalistic Beis Kel yeshiva in the Old City. This yeshiva attracted many of the city's great kabbalistic sages. During that time, rabbi Azulai learned the different Mystical Teachings that deal with the ideas of creation and concepts of the Kabballah. With all of his involvement in Kabbalah, Rabbi David was also deeply interested in philosophical questions and has been practicing the numerological study of the Bible and sacred texts.  In addition, Rabbi David wrote works on the Mishnah and a major work on Tanach as well as number of works on Kabballah.

Rabbi David Azulai prides himself on possessing special mystical powers to create powerful and profound shifts in people’s energy, life, and consciousness. Rabbi Azulai is experienced in giving insight into relationships, recognizing soulmates, dealing with matters of the heart, business and financial matters with compassion and understanding. Whether you are at a crossroad in your life or just have a burning question, rabbi Azulai can help you find direction, clarity, and assist you in moving fully into the light. Throughout the years, this special gift has served the Rabbi in assisting different people with various conditions.

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