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These prayers bring you happiness and create wholeness, wellness, and purity in your body, mind, and spirit

Without a prayer things can sometimes seem harder, and there are occasionally various disturbances and hindrances in life. How often do you ask yourself why things do not go your way?  Rabbi David Azulai aims to break the barriers and tear up to the heavens themselves, so that G-d might hear your prayers and change your fortune.



All about:

Prayer is the act of communicating with a God.
Specific forms of this include praise, requesting assistance or guidance, confessing sins,
as an act of reparation or an expression of thoughts and emotions.
The words used in prayer may take the form of intercession,
incantation or a spontaneous utterance in the person's praying words.
Praying can be done in public, as a group, or in private also via internet.


Jews religion involve prayer in one way or another in their rituals.
 Although in many cases the act of prayer is ritualized and must be followed through a
sometimes strict sequence of actions (even going as far as restricting who may pray)
 teach that prayer can be done spontaneously by anyone at any moment.

Scientific studies regarding the use of prayer
have mostly concentrated on its effect on the healing of sick or injured people.
 The efficacy of petition in prayer for physical healing to a deity has been evaluated in numerous studies,
 with contradictory results.
There has been some criticism of the way the studies were conducted.

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