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These prayers bring you happiness and create wholeness, wellness, and purity in your body, mind, and spirit

Without a prayer things can sometimes seem harder, and there are occasionally various disturbances and hindrances in life. How often do you ask yourself why things do not go your way?  Rabbi David Azulai aims to break the barriers and tear up to the heavens themselves, so that G-d might hear your prayers and change your fortune.

How does it work

How does it work:

Every note is placed at the Western Wall after the Rabbi connects to the world of truth, meditates and gives his personal blessing. Each blessing is designated to make your dreams come true and/or to help you overcome the toughest obstacles life offers.


1)     To start the process, you must write your special request. Try to be as specific as possible so Rabbi David Azulai can help you. (You will be able to write your special request when ordering the prayer).

2)     In addition to your specific request, please make sure to submit your first and last name, mother’s name and date of birth. 

3)    Upon receiving your application, Rabbi David Azulai will start meditating and connecting to HaShem. 

4)    Once the Rabbi establishes a connection to the “world of truth” he sends your special request to be approved by the Almightily Lord.

5)    The Rabbi takes your special request and places it at the Western Wall or at the Holy Grave site of the Tzadikkim where he gives his special blessing.

The meditation process:

Upon receiving your information, Rabbi David Azulai meditates to initiate a connection to the “world of truth”. This allows Rabbi Azulai to get spiritual insight to your case, and any other issues or problems that you did not include but still need to be addressed. 

After establishing a connection, Rabbi Azulai will bring your request to HaShem and pray for it to be approved. Rabbi Azulai will also consult the lord for the best day and time to place your reques. The entire process takes about 2-3 days for Rabbi Azulai to complete.

Once the meditation process has been completed and the Rabbi has placed your note at the Western Wall or at the Holy Grave site of the Tzadikkim and prayed, you will be contacted and notified.


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