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These prayers bring you happiness and create wholeness, wellness, and purity in your body, mind, and spirit

Without a prayer things can sometimes seem harder, and there are occasionally various disturbances and hindrances in life. How often do you ask yourself why things do not go your way?  Rabbi David Azulai aims to break the barriers and tear up to the heavens themselves, so that G-d might hear your prayers and change your fortune.

Healing cup

Healing Cup


 Healing cup
Rabbi Azulai's Healing Cup: After 30 years of practicing the Kabbalah and writing numerous talismans, Rabbi Azulai was able to craft a special cup that holds all the secretes to the Kabbalah. The Cup consists of kabbalists names engraved inside it and is made of pure silver from the outside and plated gold from the inside. Once the cup is engraved, it is then dipped in holy water to complete the purification process. By drinking from Rabbi Azulai’s Healing Cup, you will be able live longer, healthier lives. The Cup is highly effective and clears away what feels like a ton of dense energy and old charge in after just one use. The Cup empowers you to feel better about yourself and your life and activates your innate ability to create wholeness, wellness and balance in your body, mind and spirit. This healing experience will also assist you to get in touch, at a deeper level, with your soul's mission and achieve joy, fulfillment, and contentment.

 The healing cup
Hadad original sign

The healing cup

Rabbi Azulai’s Healing Cup will allow you to:


  • Minimize and eliminate allergy symptoms
  • Prevent and treat the common cold
  • Enjoy a low cholesterol level and blood pressure
  • Minimize the risk of a heart attack
  • Have a stable and healthy life

Rabbi Azulai’s Healing Cup will also allow you to move past many adverse situations such as:
  • Acute and chronic illnesses Depression, fear and phobias
  • Insomnia and sleeping problems
  • Sexual, emotional, mental or physical abuse
  • Adverse behavior patterns and addictions
  • Unwanted attachments and limitations
  • Negative or evil influences and tendencies
  • Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blocks


The cup works especially well for curing illness and helps to protect your health. All you need to do is to fill the cup full with any type of drink that you wish and drink it. You will feel better in a mater of days.
The Healing Cup is crafted at Hadad Bros. Exclusive Silverware, one of the largest handcrafted sterling silver manufacturers in Israel. Hadad Bros exports worldwide to hundreds of Judaica stores, Judaica art galleries, Jewish artwork stores and private collectors of Jewish art and jewelry, worldwide.
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